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Our vision is to adapt, grow and be a major stakeholder in the local and global community in the area of sourcing and providing digital information technologies.

To achieve this, we will develop God-fearing professionals equipped with knowledge, skills and experiences to meet real-life situations.

Being the best is a journey that AMC is willing to take in order to provide its customers, employees, stakeholders and supplier’s profit-yielding products and services.

We will bring the Best to Everyone we Serve .


Akinto Marketing Corporation

Akinto Marketing Corporation (AMC) was established to provide high quality and state of the art office automation equipment and supplies for the goverment and private sectors for the Philippine Market.

With this clear purpose in mind, AMC stands out with its core product group leading the way - Akinto Digital Printers and Finishing Equipment, with digital duplicating and finishing technology from Japan.

Printing is the core competency of AMC, AMC provides the leverage needed by businessmen looking at starting up quick printing shops or for commercial presses who want to expand their market to duplicating with its innovative and groundbreaking FREE USE PROGRAM. This program provides the Government and private sector one key opportunity in making their business grow.

Excellent Customer Service is the of AMC's operations, with a team of dynamic sales and technical professionals who put the needs of the customers above everything else. AMC recognizes the fact that the customers are the reason why it exists and consistently tries to outdo itself in terms of providing the best customer service.

The young and dynamic Akinto Team is composed of professional individuals who excel in different fields. Akinto team will not rest until it can provide the latest technologies not only for printing but other automation hardware and software for the ever growing demands of the Filipino Businesses and Government Offices.

AMC is in constant pursuit of delivering TECHNOLOGY where it matters to all its customers. Going Digital is our mandate!